"The Original History of Tai Series"

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Author's Jeremy Ladell Murph, Trey Michael Aarestad
Genre Fan fiction, Fantasy
Released 2007
Followed by The History of Tai 2013

The Original History of Tai SeriesEdit

The Original History of Tai Series Is the third book series created by Ladell Parks along with his long time friend "Trey Aarestad" in high school the book series became very popular, being the most talked about topic throughout the school. Started in the middle of 2007 originally only 2 books were created with both the partner ship of Ladell and Trey, after the second book Trey left the writing and everything else to Ladell, Ladell still kept Trey name in the creation of the last 4 books, but after the book series ended in 2009 Ladell went to writing solo. The series just like remake is an Fan fiction series which also contain characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, The Boondocks, Zelda, Jak and Dexter, Pokemon, Naruto, WWE even celebrities Lil Romeo, Bow Wow, Linkin Park.

The History of Tai "First Book"Edit

The History of Tai The beginning of the book starts off with Ladell telling his story from his book series he wrote in the past, so his fan-made series would connect to how he would meet with Tai. Tai meet Ladell's character Lil J in a forest asking him if he seen a picture of his brother KANE, Lil J tells him no, but through-out the book Lil J and Tai continually meet, Lil J eventually finds out the truth about why Tai was searching for his brother who happen to killed Tai's whole family and clam to kill Tai next, the story ends when a tournament goes wrong after Shadow kills hisself Lil J realize that the tournament has gotten out of hand, and backs out of the tournament, Tai refuses to let Lil J go without fighting him, but afterward they soon find out that Malesha has been kidnapped by Tai's brother KANE, with the story ending there.

The History of Tai "Second Book"Edit

The History of Tai 2: Now or Never Second Book: In the second book. Tai and Lil J end up finding Malesha in the beginning of the book, but through-out this book, everything aims towards the main characters Lil J and Tai, Lil J ends up pissing Tai off through the whole book saying he's better then Tai, the story ends With 20 Chapters the final chapter tells the reader there fight to the death, Lil J ends up dead with Tai being hated by everyone. The last thing Tai does is go back on time to changed the future, instead of meeting Lil J, Tai doesn't. the story then end. "This is the last book "Trey Aarestad" work with Ladell in making the series, also the only book to contain outtakes of making the book."

The History of Tai "Third Book"Edit

The History of Tai 3: Organ of Flames The book starts out with Tai lonely trying to find out what to do to get Lil J back, Tai try's to talk to him, but only to realize that he never changed the past Lil J and everyone else still remember everything, soon after getting up to date with there friend ship they come across another tournament called the main event, they decide to enter only finding out that the tournament is a 2 on 2 tournament, knowing that they might win if they team-up together they choose to make it fun by both of them fight with there girlfriends as there partners, Tai was dating a girl named Kim while Lil J was dating a girl name Kalli, later during the tournament in the final round Kalli turns out to be evil trying to kill all his friends, she teams up with Ceaira who a friend of theirs, and Kalli ends up killing everyone but Tai and Lil J they end up defeating her with fusion, the story ends with everyone returning and Lil J and Tai fighting in a one on one tournament.

The History of Tai "Fourth Book"Edit

The History of Tai 4: Phoenix Chronicles The fourth book starts with Tai and Lil J bored with nothing to do, until "Shadow the Hedgehog" shows up with every evil person they faced trying to kill Lil J and Tai along with Malesha who Kalli also trying to kill, after defeating all there past enemies, Shadow shows up once again with Tai's cousin KO who under mind control, force to kill Tai, but once Tai finds out it's him, he's unable to move, making it hard for Lil J and Malesha to beat him, instead of killing KO they break Shadow's mind control, but later Shadow goes after Tai who he then tricks into letting his guard down, Shadow kills Tai but Lil J quickly finds out and goes to kill Shadow, unable to return Tai, Lil J is left bored with nothing to do after things returns to normal once again, he over hears a sound outside the school, going to check on the sound Lil J see's a portal with the words broken past on it, he reread it to himself which force his body into the portal, inside it he see younger versions of hisself along with younger versions of Tai, not knowing what's going on he see a Tai with a halo above his head it's the original, they team up trying to find a way out, the story ends with a cliff-hanger.

The History of Tai "Fifth Book"Edit

The History of Tai 5: Broken Past The book starts out with Tai and Lil J finding out that the longer there in the broken past they get younger and younger and a week in the broken past world is a year that gone by, they knew they had to find a way out before they disappear through time and space, using there younger versions of theres past they end up finding a way out, but Tai he happen to be stuck and runs into Shadow, they fight and after it Tai ends up finding his way out only to run into a darker version of himself they fight twice the first fight Dark Tai comes very close to killing Tai, the second time Tai's defeated along with his team, after that they find a note from there next and final enemy saying he took care of Dark Tai for them, the book ends with the team showing there powers to everyone in school.

The History of Tai "Sixth Book"Edit

The History of Tai 6: Nightmares of Darkness The final book starts out where the last book left off, showing who they really are in front of everyone in school, shocking but everyone ends up loving them, it quickly comes to a end once there enemies Darkness and Nightmare starts to kill them, it wasn't until both Ceaira and Tai were killed until everyone else were starting to worry, Malesha later finds out after Jeremy died's Shadow behind it, she happens to kill all 3 of them Shadow, Nightmare, and Darkness. After she kills them she realize she won't make it herself after being shot, before her death she have flash backs of there past history with her friends, the book ends with them staying with King Kai, Tai later seen standing by the pool thinking about what has happen and if he could take it all back he knew he wouldn't.


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In the year of 2011 Ladell rewrote "The History of Tai" book series all into one book entitling it "The History of Tai 2013".