The History of Tai 2013
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Author Jeremy Ladell Murph
Genre Fan fiction, Fantasy
Released January 1, 2013
Chapters 23
Preceded by The Original History of Tai
Followed by Tai Ember: The Unrevealing Truth

"The History of Tai 2013" Is a remake of Ladell Parks original six book series "The History of Tai Series" Ladell Parks recreated one book containing all six books in one.


The beginning of the remake of the book starts in the year 2007 just as the original series did with only just a few changes in the characters names like for example "Malesha Johnson" is now played by "Brianna Lamusga" beside that the rest of book is the same.

Cover changeEdit

In August, 2013 Ladell released a new cover for the book containing the main characters in the book.

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Original cover

List of "The History of Tai 2013" charactersEdit

The History of Tai 2013 is a fan made book series which contain characters from hit anime shows, TV shows, celebrities, and video games like Dragon Ball Z, Sonic the Hedgehog, WWE and more)

Main Characters

"Ladell Parks" He's Tai's best friend, Jaclyn ex boyfriend but has a thing for Malesha but doesn't ever admit to it, he hates the tournament's even knowing he was the current champion but forfeited it once Jaclyn told him he or Tai wouldn't win, Ladell also often jokes around about Tai sleeping with a "Care Bear" but happens to always have his back during fights when they break out, he also see's Tai as a little brother.

"Tai Ember" Funny laid back type of guy, he often like to pick fights with Ladell for the fun of it and always thinking he's stronger then him by forcing him to enter a tournaments, but besides being full of himself Tai has a soft spot for Malesha in the beginning of the book he also absolutely hates Shadow throughout the book they constantly fight and Tai ends up being killed twice by him.

"Malesha Johnson" She is Jaclyn and Ladell's best friend and Tai's ex, before breaking up with him she's always on Tai and Ladell's case about fighting and drinking, even know she breaks up with Tai she still has those's feelings for him, she try's to help Ladell from keeping Tai out of trouble specially when he's trying to pick a fight with Shadow, she's also fully aware that Ladell like her, and has a jealously problem towards Kalli.

"Jaclyn Niska" She is strongest out of the group and Ladell's ex she scares Kane into leaving Tai alone as a kid and changes Tai's future with him, she's known as the bad ass character, she also the only one who could defeat Kalli but also rarely shown throughout the book

"Shadow the Hedgehog" He appears as the bad guy in the book, always going after Tai, he try's everything he can to kill Tai and his crew but fails a few times. He hates the fact they always win, and also behind the assassin's Nightmare & Darkness at the end of the book, in the beginning he actually worked for Tai's brother Kane

Minor Characters

"Laracious" He is a sayian and one of Ladell's friends who won the fighting tournament for 6 years in a row

"Link" He's the first to appear in the book, he is also seen at the Tag Team Tournament and mention at Shadow's party

"Lil Romeo" He appeared around the first tournament in the beginning of the book along with JTG swearing they were gonna be the new winners of the tournament

"JTG" He appears with Lil Romeo telling Laracious that they were gonna win the tournament after Laracious had already won 6 years in the row

"Goku" Throughout the book he only appears in tournaments and another time when Ladell needs him to revive Tai with the Dragonballs

"Vegeta" Always going after Goku in the book trying to make him face him to prove his stronger then him, but it's always fail in every tournament he appears in, he's also the reason Tai becomes Dark Tai

"Kane" He is Tai older brother and in the beginning of the book he is actually trying to kill him but after going back into the past, he appears to have change and ends up being nice to him

"Trunks" He appears in tournaments as well as flashbacks with Tai and Ladell drinking moments

"Younger Tai" He only appears when Tai and Ladell goes back into the past

"Younger Kane" He also only appears when Tai and Ladell goes back into the past

"Dark Tai" He appears at Goten's birthday party when Vegeta give's Tai a drink and wants to fight Ladell for no reason what so ever

"Kalli" She appears interested in Ladell and used him to get to his friends she hired by Shadow himself she love to get under other girls skin and make them jealous specially Malesha when Ladell decide to pick Kalli over her in the Tag Team Tournament

"John Cena" He's the host of the Tag Team Tournament

"KO" He is Tai's cousin who Shadow control using mind control to assassinate Tai

"Darkness & Nightmare" Are both professional assassin's from another world who Shadow hired to take care Tai and his friends

Other Characters

Some characters are only mention and not actually in the book.

The Original History of Tai Series

Main article: The Original History of Tai

The Original History of Tai Series Is the third book series created by Ladell Parks along with his long time friend "Trey Aarestad" in high school the book series became very popular, being the most talked about topic throughout the school. Started in the middle of 2007 originally only 2 books were created with both the partner ship of Ladell and Trey, after the second book Trey left the writing and everything else to Ladell, Ladell still kept Trey name in the creation of the last 4 books, but after the book series ended in 2009 Ladell went to writing solo. The series just like remake is an Fan fiction series which also contain characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, The Boondocks, Zelda, Jak and Dexter, Pokemon, Naruto, WWE even celebrities Lil Romeo, Bow Wow, Linkin Park.