The Daily Facts of Roscoe Dash


Screenshot of the series

Created by Jeremy Ladell Murph
Written by Jeremy Ladell Murph
Season's 1
Fact's 21
Original run April 14, 2011-July 28, 2011

The Daily Facts of Roscoe Dash Is an fan-made "Twitter" series created by Ladell Parks, the series ran on twitter through Ladell's official twitter page. there were 21 daily facts about Roscoe before Ladell ended the series.

"The Daily Facts of Roscoe Dash" Twitter Series: The series ran in the beginning of 2011, and is mainly about facts about "Roscoe Dash", Ladell ended the Twitter series with only 21 facts due to him working on his book at the time "Contacts"

Reason for cancellationEdit

As of November 27th 2011 Ladell has stated in a interview when asked why he created the series Ladell stated "I was a fan of his music no homo but the nigga got skills, people can say whatever they want about his music but he cold, I don't think there's anybody else out there killin hooks the way he does".