Tai Ember: The Unrevealing Truth
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Author Jeremy Ladell Murph
Genre Action, Adventure, Short story
Released July 25, 2013
Chapters 6
Preceded by The History of Tai 2013


Tai Ember: The Unrevealing Truth The beginning of the story starts out with "Tai" and "Kai" who happens to be twins but starting there first day at "Whitson High School" by getting into a fight which lead them into getting suspended for two weeks but while this goes on the storyline jumps from characters to character "Ladell Parks" on the other hand plays a character who to be Tai's enemy, the story claim that Tai's family killed Ladell's parents but the story was never finish to know what really happen with it, the story ends with a number of cliff hangers the last chapter tells about a sword which was given to Tai for his birthday but was taken by Kai his twin brother, after that the book was canceled.

Critical receptionEdit

Tai Ember: The Unrevealing Truth Was the second non fan-made book "Ladell Parks" created but is the first book he has cancel himself, only writing 6 chapters before canceling, all 6 chapters were given 3 stars from online critics, fans of his question the book wondering if he would never finish it, so far Ladell hasn't put a green light on it.