Ladell Parks
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Birth name Jeremy Ladell Murph
Born September 7, 1990 (age 25)
Orgin New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Genres Freestyle rapping
Occupations Author, actor, rapper
Years Active 2005-present
Labels LP Industries
Associated acts Jaclyn Niska, Laracious, Lil Woo, Trell, Dee, David Todd

Jeremy Ladell Murph. (born September 7, 1990), better known by his pen name Ladell Parks, is an American author,actor and rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. He went to Champlin Park High School in Champlin, Minnesota, best known for his internet hit book series " Ladell Fantasy" and his Youtube 'web series "A Moment With Ladell Parks"

Early careerEdit

Ladell started his career in his high school years of 2005, back then writing wasn't something he thought would be a career of his, he stated in a interview "That it was something he did in class just to pass time because of boredom" in high school Ladell wasn't very active with the rest if his classmates, having a learning disability was very hard for Ladell to ever learn anything, so instead of learning with the rest of the class, Ladell wrote books using notebooks. But not just any type of books, growing up Ladell was influences by video games and anime TV shows, the Sega game series Sonic the Hedgehog was his favorite growing up it was his love for the game series which motivated him to start writing. 

Writing careerEdit

Writing didn't become a career to Ladell until he moved to Brooklyn Park, Minnesota of 2006 at the age 16 he met and partner up with his long time friend "Trey Aarestad" who was three years younger then Ladell but had the same creative thoughts on stories just as he did, it wasn't long before the Myspace book series " The History of Tai" was created, after creating six books for the book series, Ladell was finally notices by thousands on the internet. In the middle of 2009 he ended his partnership with Aarestad and wrote a book of his own, which is now known as one of his best book series he ever created " Ladell Fantasy" during creation of the series Ladell started to refer to hisself as "Ladell Parks" his character from the book as his pen name.

After the huge internet success Ladell continued working on other books, his next book was entitled "Tai Ember: The Unrevealing Truth" but was also the first book Ladell canceled and never finish, what was finish of the book was put on online and was still a huge success, later in the year of 2011 Ladell rewrote "The History of Tai" book series all into one book entitling it "The History of Tai 2013". On September 18th 2011, Ladell released "Jeremy Murph VS Ladell Parks" the book itself is still currently ongoing along with Ladell's other hit book entitled "Contacts" but "Jeremy Murph VS Ladell Parks" involves street fighting and boxing, while "Contacts" involves a teenage boy who's blind and end up obtaining special contacts not only to see but to control time and people. Later that month in August Ladell released yet another ongoing book he working on entitled "If It All Ends Here" the book was said to be an fan-made book which would involve characters from Sega, Sonic the Hedgehog, Code Geass, & Zelda and is said to be Ladell's last fan-made book ever. In 2013 Ladell released a horror book entitled "The Voice" his third unfinished book but he claims it's still in the works of being finished. On February 13th 2014, Ladell released yet another ongoing book entitled "The Illuminati Contract" it follow's a world famous game designer who just sold 2 billion copies of his newly released video game but doesn't remember any of it after meeting an legendary music producer who offers him a deal even Ladell can't refuse.

Writing styleEdit

Ladell often capitalizing every word in a sentence while writing a book or typing on the computer, Ladell clams that it's a habit he has but it also helps him write.

Notable BooksEdit

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After his high school success over his book series "The History of Tai" Ladell wrote a book which became a big hit online not having a name or any money to get his books published he wrote his next book entitled " Ladell Fantasy" which was a instant hit and became very popular in 2010. As of March, 2014 Ladell has released 8 books online.

Music careerEdit

Ladell became interested in music in 2012 when he downloaded an app called Studio Mini for the iPhone he used it to make freestyles off instrumentals from top selling artists like "Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Kirko Bangz, YG, Wale, John Legend, Eminem, Drake, LMFAO, Snoop Dogg, and J-Cole. He released his first mixtape "Never Serious" in 2012 followed by 4 others mixtapes, after his final mixtape "The ILLEST Murph" released on January 7th, 2014. He made a statement on Twitter stating that he was done with making music and doing freestyles all together on May 7th, 2014, however on June 18th, 2014 underground producer "Jaypluss" released that he and Ladell were working on an iTunes album together on his official Facebook page, but sometime in August the duo cancel the album and Ladell went solo. Doing this Ladell signed an one year deal with Apple for an album, he released his first Single off the upcoming album called "We On" on September 23th, 2014 on iTunes he also also released the title of the album entitling it "Khaos Kontrol" the album is set to be released in the beginning of 2015.


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Studio Albums

Future projectsEdit

Ladell plans to release these books later into the year.

The book "Dream Reality" was confirmed by Ladell that will be the next book in line to be wrote right after "The Voice" in the end of 2013, however "The Illuminati Contract" was released after "The Voice" in early 2014. The book Dream Reality is currently under hiatus due to Ladell working on his album.


Acting came to Ladell after his success with his book "Ladell Fantasy" not having any acting skills Ladell started on Youtube after his well known video series "A Moment With Ladell Parks". He landed his first role on "Bug Out" with actor Daniel Curtis Lee. Daniel also follows Ladell on his twitter due to Ladell being a fan of his.


Youtube seriesEdit

"A Moment With Ladell Parks" Is an Youtube series created by Ladell Parks on his official YouTube page, there was 2 seasons for the series, 20 episodes for each season along with special bonus videos he uploaded.

"Shit Just Got Real" Is an YouTube series which is created by Ladell Parks which only involves pranks and fights

Twitter seriesEdit

"The Daily Facts of "Roscoe Dash" Is an fan-made "Twitter" series created by Ladell Parks, the series ran on twitter through Ladell's official twitter page. there were 21 daily facts about Roscoe before Ladell ended the series.

Personal lifeEdit

When not writing or acting on "Ladell mostly on his "iPhone" Ladell stated "I think without my music I would go insane, I have to have my music on me at all time". Ladell influences are "Linkin Park", "Eminem", "Jay-Z", Roscoe Dash, "Delonte West", "Drake".