Ladell Parks discography

Ladell in (2014)

Artist Ladell Parks
Genre Freestyle rapping
Released 2012-ongoing


Ladell became interested in music in 2012 when he downloaded an app called Studio Mini for the iPhone he used it to make freestyles off instrumentals from top selling artists.

Never Serious Never Serious is Ladell's first official mixtape he released in 2012.

Deadline Deadline mixtape is Ladell's second mixtape which was release early 2013.

Assassination Assassination is Ladell Parks third mixtape he released but is also the second he released in 2013.

Rags 2 Trash Bags Rags 2 Trash Bags is Ladell's fourth mixtape he released on June 12th, 2013.

The ILLEST Murph The ILLEST Murph is Ladell's fifth and final mixtape which he released early 2014.

Khaos Kontrol Khaos Kontrol is an upcoming studio album by Ladell Parks which set to be released sometime in 2015.


Label Title Released
LP Industries Khaos Kontrol (2015)


No Title Peak Chart
1. We On TBA