Ladell Parks Books Series
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Author Jeremy Ladell Murph
Genre Fan fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Short story, Horror
Released 2007-ongoing


After his high school success over his book series "The History of Tai" Ladell wrote a book which became a big hit online not having a name or any money to get his books published he wrote his next book entitled " Ladell Fantasy" which was a instant hit and became very popular in 2010. As of March, 2014 Ladell has released 8 books online.

Ladell Fantasy Series Is the fourth book series created by "Ladell Parks", it is also his first non fan-made book series, the series gain huge success over the internet, it is the top number one book series Ladell mostly known from. The book series follows a young 17 year old boy very intelligent who happens to have a curse put upon him forcing him to kill people with a gun he can't get rid of, only to find out that his own cousin is the one who place the curse onto him. The book series received prefect scores from "Myspace" as well as "Facebook".

The Original History of Tai Is the third book series created by Ladell Parks along with his long time friend "Trey Aarestad" in high school the book series became very popular, being the most talked about topic throughout the school. Started in the middle of 2007 originally only 2 books were created with both the partner ship of Ladell and Trey, after the second book Trey left the writing and everything else to Ladell, Ladell still kept Trey name in the creation of the last 4 books, but after the book series ended in 2009 Ladell went to writing solo. The series just like remake is an Fan fiction series which also contain characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, The Boondocks, Zelda, Jak and Dexter, Pokemon, Naruto, WWE even celebrities Lil Romeo, Bow Wow, Linkin Park.

The History of Tai 2013 Is a remake of Ladell Parks original six book series "The History of Tai Series" Ladell Parks recreated one book containing all six books in one.

Tai Ember: The Unrevealing Truth Was the second non fan-made book "Ladell Parks" created but is the first book he has cancel himself, only writing 6 chapters before canceling, all 6 chapters were given 3 stars from online critics, fans of his question the book wondering if he would never finish it, so far Ladell hasn't put a green light on it.

Contacts Is Ladell Parks third non fan-made book which he has created, he also said that the book is gonna be a huge, better then his internet hit book series " Ladell Fantasy". he also said that "The book will inspire people and has a big message to it", as of April 2012 Ladell changed the title of the book from Eyewear to Contacts.

Jeremy Murph VS Ladell Parks Is an ongoing book created by Ladell Parks the story involves the both main characters are to be played by the author himself, the plot of the story is set to be about street fighting and boxing.

If It All Ends Here Is the second ongoing book along with "Jeremy Murph VS Ladell Parks" that is created by Ladell Parks, the book is Ladell's first single fan-made book that is not in a book series, the book contains characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Zelda, and anime show "Code Geass" Ladell has said that this book will be the last book created by him that is a fan-made book, it is also the only book he himself play the bad guy.

The Voice is an horror book written and created by Ladell Parks which was released on August 1st, 2013 and currently ongoing.