Jeremy Murph VS Ladell Parks
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Author Jeremy Ladell Murph
Genre Action, Thriller
Released August 1, 2013-ongoing
Chapters 2

Jeremy Murph VS Ladell ParksEdit

Jeremy Murph VS Ladell Parks Is an ongoing book created by Ladell Parks the story involves the both main characters are to be played by the author himself, the plot of the story is set to be about street fighting and boxing.


The story begins in a underground fighting club called "Club Simba", who "Ladell Parks" happens to be the best underground street fighter everyone who anyone happens to know, his story doesn't start until one night he get's into a fight outside of the club with his best friend "RJ" who's there to help him, RJ ends up getting killed, after it Ladell quits underground fighting and ends up moving, he ends up running into a world famous boxer named "Jeremy Murph" who knows of him.