If It All Ends Here
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Author Jeremy Ladell Murph
Genre Action, Fantasy, Short shory
Released August 1, 2013-ongoing
Chapters 2

If It All Ends HereEdit

If It All Ends Here Is the second ongoing book along with "Jeremy Murph VS Ladell Parks" that is created by Ladell Parks, the book is Ladell's first single fan-made book that is not in a book series, the book contains characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Zelda, and anime show "Code Geass" Ladell has said that this book will be the last book created by him that is a fan-made book, it is also the only book he himself play the bad guy.


The story behind it all starts in the year 2000 as Ladell is there creator of there world, eleven years has pass since he created the world of one. Ladell returns one day wanting to face the Sonic crew, they think he's joking until they realize that they can't beat him, wondering why Ladell turned so evil the "Sonicteam" crew teams up with whoever they can trying to take out Ladell.