Formly known by (Eyewear)

Author Jeremy Ladell Murph
Genre Action, Romance, Suspense
Released August 1, 2013-ongoing
Chapters 6


Contacts Is Ladell Parks third non fan-made book which he has created, he also said that the book is gonna be a huge, better then his internet hit book series " Ladell Fantasy". he also said that "The book will inspire people and has a big message to it", as of April 2012 Ladell changed the title of the book from Eyewear to Contacts.


"Ladell Parks" is a young boy who's been blind all his life, after losing his best friend who went to the army, he question out of all people god chose him to be blind, Ladell ends up meaning a guy named Lucky who happens to promise him his eyesight with special contacts, but each contact contains a power he gains, one to control whoever he wishes and the other contact is to control time, after realizing the longer he use the contacts his eyesight will fade away once again.