A Moment with Ladell Parks

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Created by Jeremy Ladell Murph
Written by Jeremy Ladell Murph
Season's 3
Episode's 46 (plus bonus episodes)
Original run January 24, 2011-October 10, 2012

A Moment with Ladell Parks Is an Youtube series created by Ladell Parks on his official YouTube page, there was 2 seasons for the series, 20 episodes for each season along with special bonus videos he uploaded.

"A Moment with Ladell Parks" Youtube Series: The show mainly focus on Ladell Parks with random acts he does, sometimes he involves his friends, the show went on until the middle of 2011 before Ladell himself ended the series, the series became somewhat popular on Facebook with his friends but Ladell ended it with the lack of views he got on YouTube. In June 2012 Ladell renewed the series for a third season which ran until October 10th, 2012.